Masks are Optional for Immunized Individuals

Canine Learning Center

1300 Blue Spruce Drive Ste. B | Fort Collins, CO | 970-484-7044


Playschool / Daycare

Playschool / Daycare

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6pm | Full Day $25 - Half Day $20

Playschool is a great stress reliever for both dog and owner. Worry that your dog doesn't get enough exercise while you are at work all day? Does your dog get lonely for pals? Bring them for supervised play in our indoor/outdoor facility. The Canine Learning Center playschool system has successfully modified fearful behaviors in many dogs and puppies, by instilling the confidence to cope with all sorts of excitement and human/canine interactions. It's also a great way to calm down those over-the-top, high energy dogs.
Dogs over six months of age must pass a preliminary behavior evaluation. Please call to schedule an evaluation appointment. Final determination of the acceptance or denial of a daycare candidate rests with Julie Yamane, owner.

The dogs play all morning in the indoor rooms and outdoor pen. They are divided into two groups. There are at least four (human) daycare specialists on duty in peak times.
Naptime is noon to 1:30. Every dog has a separate crate. Owners are welcome to bring "lunch" and blankets/rugs.

Afternoon brings another play session indoors, with outdoor potty breaks about every 45 minutes.

Canine Extras

Additional services you can request when dropping your pet off for daycare.
TRAINING (Select a maximum of three daily) $5.00 each

Come When Called - Shake Hands - Heel - Down Stay - Sit Down - Walk Nicely On A Leash


(Student must learn sit or down before the following may be requested)

Roll Over - Individual sit and wait at the door until released - Wait for food bowl to be put down

Your dog will be given two 10-15 minute sessions daily. During training your dog will be treated with the utmost respect while receiving positive reinforcement training and will not be put into any harmful situations. The training sessions have been developed for your dog to learn basic obedience commands and manners and will be taught by a Canine Learning Center Obedience Instructor.


Additional services you can request when dropping your pet off for daycare.
Bathe and Brush Short Hair Dogs, Includes Nail Trim $25
Bathe and Brush Long Hair Dogs, Includes Nail Trim $35 and Up
Brush Short Hair Dog $5
Brush Long Hair Dog $5 - $15
Nail Trim $10